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Hayat providing rare & beautiful items sourced both locally & globally

Since 1989, many scientific laboratories have relied on the Scientific and Medical Life Foundation to provide them with the equipment, educational aids, chemical materials, laboratory glasses and first aid materials, and since that we have focused on following up and developing our resources to comply with the changes in the scientific field and our main goal is to raise the level of our service at the global and local levels As well as improving and developing the method of communication with customers.

At Al-Hayat Foundation, we are considered one of the largest and oldest suppliers in the scientific and laboratory field, so let us serve you in your scientific laboratory and get your needs quickly and accurately. We have assumed the responsibility of the scientific secretariat a long time ago in order to communicate information so that this generation keeps pace with the rapid scientific technological progress in this world.

Due to the urgent need in the local market for diabetes care materials and products and household medical materials, and our extensive experience in this field and the specialization of our medical and technical staff, we have taken our decision to introduce and import these items in order to include them in our products, so we guarantee to our honorable dealer our competitive prices and the quality of our imported materials, and put our expertise in your hands.

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