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LED Examination Light Model KS-Q3

JOD 165.00

LED Examination Lamp KS-Q3

Traditional and the most popular medical spot examination lamp
with the handle on the lamphead, integrated with the switcher.

Extended handle for facilitating position of light

IR-free technology from LED light source reduces the sensation of
heat for the patient and doctor

LED service life 40 times longer than Halogen bulb

Low energy consumption : 1/3 less than conventional Halogen

Tissue do not dry up as rapidly during the intervention under very
low radiation from the light

KS-Q3 provides “daylight” illumination for truer tissue color
rendition and easier diagnostis and treatment.

Articulated arm ensures the light is easy to move and position and
doese not drift. NO dead-angle examination and long reach range
is presented.

Ideal for GP practices, E.N.T., Ophthalmology, Gynaecology , small
theatre, minor operations and other surgery use.

Light intensity: 89000lx(D=30cm)

Diameter of lamphead: 75mm

Color temperature: 6000K

Color rendering Index(CRI):75Ra

Brightness adjustment: control by dimmer

Light fiel diameter: 4cm at D=50cm

Extension of arm: 76CM ajustable

Light source: 1 LED

LED average life: 50000 hours

Power consumption: 3W

Input Voltage: 110V-265V 50/60Hz

Available configuration: Mobile, Wall, Table clamp

Color: Black, White

Battery(Option): Charged time: 2 Hours
DC time: 8 Hour

Standard: Black Mobile type

Upper part with lamphead and control box
Vertical roll tube
Mobile base with five castors

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LED Examination Light Model KS-Q3

JOD 165.00