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Manual Viscometer Model NDJ-5

JOD 190.00

The Ford viscosity cup is a simple gravity device that permits the timed flow of a known volume of liquid passing through an orifice located at the bottom. Under ideal conditions, this rate of flow would be proportional to the kinematic viscosity (expressed in stokes and centistokes) that is dependent upon the specific gravity of the draining liquid. However, the conditions in a simple flow cup are seldom ideal for making true measurements of viscosity.

Centistokes (cSt) = K – (C / * flow time flow time)
Centistokes centipoise (cP) x = proportion
Kinematic viscosity units Stokes, Stokes. If the fluid viscosity 1 P () is, the density is the kinematic viscosity of 1 g / cm³ 1 Stokes.
CSt is the abbreviation for centistokes, known as Li Si, that is 1 Stokes one percent (cSt) is the smallest unit of kinematic viscosity.

Main Technical Parameters:
Cup: spout of copper, stainless steel
Capacity: 100 + 1 Nozzle: 4 + 0.02 mm

Nozzle diameter: 4 mm + 0.02
Cup: spout of copper, stainless steel
Capacity: 100 ml + 1
Inner diameter: 49.5 + 0.2 mm
Measuring range: 112 to 685 cSt, Flow time: less than 150 seconds.

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Manual Viscometer Model NDJ-5

JOD 190.00