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Digital Viscometer Model NDJ-5S

JOD 970.00

NDJ-5S liquid viscometer is an upgraded product of rotary viscometer in our factory. This device adopts advanced machine design. manufacturing technology and micro-computer control technology. Blue Ken light and high brightness LCD display are selected for correct data acquisition display, and the data display is clear.

Measuring Range: 1~1×105mPa.s 

Rotor Specification: Standard 1-4 rotor(The viscosity can be reduced to 0.1-10m Pa.s)

Rotor Speed: 6、12、30、60(R/S)

PC Port: Yes

Temp.sensor interface: Yes

Printer Interface: Yes

Measuring Precision: ±2%(Newtonian Liquid)

Voltage: 220V ±10% 50Hz±10%

Work Environment: 5℃~35℃,Relative humidity not more than 80%

Exterior Size: 380*320*390mm

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Digital Viscometer Model NDJ-5S

JOD 970.00