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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

JOD 225.00


Product name: TW-1A vacuum pump
Product molde: TW-1A
Rated power :220V / 50Hz
Gas extraction rate : 1L / S
Extreme pressure :10Pa
amount of oil:250ml
Outline dimension: 280*110*230mm
Motor power: 120W
weight :7KG
packing size: 30*13*25CM

Range of use:

Tw series single stage oil circulation rotary vane vacuum pump is used to of the sealed container is the basic equipment in addition to gas and vacuum pumping, especially for maintenance of refrigeration, printing machinery, medical equipment, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, thermoplastic forming industry pumping operation, at the same time as all kinds of high vacuum pump before use.

Product features:
1 anti – return oil design. The intake channel for special design, can prevent the pump after the pump oil return flow and pollution is pumping the container and pipeline.
2. The tank for environmental design layer processing, and set up an oil and gas separation device, no fuel oil mist and reduce pollution.
3 aluminum alloy motor enclosure, the motor adopts aluminum alloy shell, with high heat radiation efficiency, can guarantee the normal operation of the long time, and has a good appearance quality.
4 overall design. Motor and pump using integrated design, more compact and reasonable.
5 starting torque. This product for low temperature and low voltage environment for special design, to ensure that the environment in the winter temperature is low (greater than or equal to -5 degrees Celsius) low voltage (greater than or equal to 180V) in the case of normal start.
6 use the foot of the anti vibration rubber machine to reduce vibration noise.
7 new refrigerant vacuum pump. The air inlet is installed with high quality solenoid valve and vacuum gauge. The power cut off is automatically cut off to prevent oil return.

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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

JOD 225.00